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(Home of the FREE nature wallpaper)

Have you been searching for the perfect Nature background?  I used to search for hours trying to find a site that had full size pictures that I could use as wallpaper.  Normally I found a site that had 2 or 3 nice pictures, but they wanted you to sign up to buy more if you liked them. 

This is my answer to all of those scam sites.  A page chock full of nature (and a few non-nature) wallpaper.

I am looking for more pictures, maybe of the Alps or Yosemite?  If you have pictures that you would like/allow me to add to this site please email them to me at the link below.  All pictures must be your original work (no scans from magazines)   in .jpeg format with the dimensions of 950 (w) X 700 (h).  Make sure you give me your name, email address, and homepage so that I can give you proper credit for your work.


Updated Info: (May 30, 1999)

Thanks to AOL my daily hits are now way up.   I am in the process of developing and scanning a whole new set of pics.  I want to thank everybody for visiting and for all the emails I have received.  As I have stated below I am willing to swap links IF your site is quality and free.  Let me know if you are interested.  Now take some time and look around.




Here are some links to other free wallpaper sites, if any of these becomes a pay site let me know so I can remove it.  Also, if you have a free wallpaper site let me know and we can swap links...  (some excellent wallpapers)   (A nice link index of free wallpaper sites)

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  The Birdhouse                                                        Brewster's Beer Page


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